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My goal is to make your ideas unignorable. Unignorability creates awareness and action. Consider the alternative! 😊

If you'd like me to run some training for your organisation- whether it's a talk or a course, get in touch. My testimonials speak for themselves!

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Testimonials from around the world

Francois Rivard, CEO of Innocap

“A raving fan”

I work with Tom personally and used his services for 20 people in our group (lawyers, portfolio managers, sales people, compliance and operations experts). He was accretive across the board: took time to understand our business (which is complex and niche), clients, realities and issues. He crafted a custom program to ensure we got the best value for time spent together. He worked under pressure and very tight timelines on sensitive information and his contribution was palpable.  I am a raving fan of Tom and his methods and would use him again anytime.

François Rivard
CEO, Innocap
Michael Maltais, Innocap

“The best of the best”

Being trained by Tom Hayton on presentation skills and storytelling is like having guitar lessons by Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton: you’re trained by the best of the best!  I had some apprehensions before starting our sessions because it was going to be online…  and then, because Tom is so engaging, it didn’t even take 5 minutes at the beginning of the first session to feel like he was with me, in my home office!
 In addition to being an expert teacher, Tom has a lot of humor, which made every minute spent in his trainings a lot of fun!

Michaël Maltais
Head of HR, Talent & Culture, Innocap
Yasmin Abuomar, Gaza Sky Geeks

“Great feedback”

Tom Hayton is one of the greatest mentors of Gaza Sky Geeks.  During our Hackathon, he mentored many teams and delivered workshops. He got great feedback, not only from participants but from other mentors as well. In April 2020, he mentored over 8 startups during the biggest virtual hackathon in Palestine: Hack The Crisis Palestine and was always available to help others day or night! He also took a part in two round table discussions organized by GSG about resilience. I'm always impressed with Tom's willingness to support others in need. We're really proud that he's part of the GSG mentors' network.

Yasmin Abuomar
Tupac Celery, Siemens

“Engaging and interactive”

I’ve participated in one of Tom’s workshops focused on storytelling for technology professionals and I really liked it. It was very engaging and interactive with the perfect mix between theory and practical exercises. It’s been a while since I took the training, but I still go back to Tom’s slides for inspiration whenever I have to prepare a presentation.

Tupac Celery
Program Manager for Carbon Reduction, Siemens
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